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The POPA Mission | People of Purpose and Associates

The POPA Mission

Our Mission: To initiate community change, transform neighborhoods, and empower people to live self-sufficient lives.

Our Vision: To see families heal, instill community values, and restore our neighborhoods to a safe and healthy community.

Our Motto: Stop pointing a finger and lend a hand.

Organizational Overview: POPA was founded on the principles of being our brother’s keeper, and realizing that we are all brothers. POPA is the vision of founder Larry Collins. Mr. Collins is himself a product of the same community that he works tirelessly to improve. He has personal experience battling some of the same challenges that have consumed others in his community, and uses his expertise and strategies of overcoming and helping others to create the community that we all envision. His motto is “Stop pointing a finger and lend a hand” and clearly promotes his vision of those who have won the battles returning to fight along side of those who still struggle.